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05:15pm 07/07/2005
mood: annoyed

i'm at the office right now. we are required to submit our work requirements today and it turns out that the stupid NBI lost the proof that I am already cleared from my scholarship and they have put me again from the NBI hit list, wow i feel like a mafia ringleader *lol*. well, i had to rush to the HR and good thing i got here 10 minutes before closing time and it turned out okay, whew!

two more days until training ends. so far i'm surviving but the final hurdle will be tomorrow wherein we will take live calls from the US and Canada. i have no problems regarding speaking to customers but i'm really butched with the scripts we're reading because... wait, i'll just hold this because i'm the office pala haha..

our new trainor is uber sexy! all of us girls ogle him everytime he speaks hehe..

tata for now, i'm gonna sleep for a couple of hours, i'm so stressed out.

peace out.
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